Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day 2023

 Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some nerdy D&D one-liners (or two-liners) for you.

Valentine, I don't have to fail a wisdom saving throw to be charmed by you!

Valentine, every time I see you, I fall prone!

Perfect 10? No way! You're a Nat 20, Valentine!

Valentine, I'd take a level in the Bard class just to serenade you.

You can do an insight check- I love you, Valentine, and that's the truth!

I thought I was resistant to piercing damage... but one look at you, and Cupid pierced my heart!

My character might die, but my love for you has plot armor!

Valentine, are you the Prestidigitation spell? Because you clean up nice!

Valentine, I'd love you even if someone Polymorphed you into a skunk.

If anyone tried to hurt you, Valentine, it'd send me into a RAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!

I'd trade my entire dice hoard for you, Valentine.

Make a contested strength check, Valentine- you've grappled my heart.

You can roll with advantage, Valentine- I'll always have your back!

Valentine, I make an oath of love to you, and I'm no Oathbreaker.

You give me inspiration when I need it most, Valentine!

Valentine, you're more beautiful than a Nat 20 on a death save.

Hey, Valentine. Wanna derail the DM's plot and terrorize some NPCs together?

Happy Valentine's Day! My life is better because you're in it! Thank you for reading my blog, and take care of yourself- you're worth it!