Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Minecraft Walkthrough Creative Writing Assignment

Hey, y'all! So I'm taking this creative writing class about games (athletic games, video games, card games, probably mind games, too). One of the topics for our next workshop session is games as walkthroughs or something to that effect. I decided to write out a Let's Play video of a guy playing Minecraft.

I think it's kinda fun. There was a lot of heavier, more emotional, more thoughtful stuff in our last workshop, so I wanted to change things up a little bit with some humor. I thought it sounded just like the kind of thing I like to post on my blog, so here you go! Enjoy!

Hey, everybody! Welcome to another episode of Tony Plays Minecraft! Be There or Be Cubed! Hahaha!

Thanks to everyone who shared, liked, and commented on the last episode. You guys are the best! Except everyone who said my Eiffel Tower looks like an emo Christmas tree. You guys are officially the worst.

So since we wrapped up the Eiffel Tower last time (and by “we,” I mean “I,” since technically I’m the only one who worked on it), I need to head on down to my mineshaft and find some more diamond because my pickaxe is going to break soon. Not cool.

So here we go, out of my Beverly Hills mansion (because I know you guys love it when I say that), aaaaand the dog is stuck behind the door again. Get over here, Roger. I still hate that name, in case you were wondering. Thank you, subscribers, for picking the name Roger for my vicious hound. I still love you, though.

Bee-tee-dubs, if you haven’t subscribed yet, there’s still room in my heart for you! Just click the magic button.

All righty, then! If you’re tuning in for the first time, this is my world: EsTonya. Get it? It’s funny because my name is Tony.

We’re gonna double-tap the forward key here to sprint because creepers like to hang out around here and I just can’t get rid of them. You guys, I’ve been blown up by too many mother-fracking creepers this week…

And here we are at the mineshaft! Anybody else find that word kinda awkward to say? No? Just me? Okay, then, Tony’s brain is stuck in the gutter.

Oh, there’s Roger. Took you long enough, you idiot dog.
Sorry, I forgot you guys don’t like it when I bully him.

Anyway, here we are, spelunking like a pro, climbing down the mineshaft at the speed of light as we look for the elusive blue gem that will let me—

What? How’d a cow get down here? I keep the door to this mineshaft shut! You, sir, are a trespasser. And do you know what I do to trespassers?


Yep, that’s right. Nothing stands a chance against my diamond sword. Booyah! No, wait, that was last month’s catchphrase. This month’s one was… Uhhhhh…

I’ll think of it sooner or later. Anyway. Yeah. Here, Roger. Have some cow carcass. Eat it and dream of a better name. Like Zombie Gnawer. Or Twilight Link. Seriously, you guys, how could you not vote for Twilight Link?

Anyway. Going along. Gonna take this tunnel to the left since I’ve never been down this way before and everyone keeps telling me to go this way. Are you happy now?

Torch here, torch there, torch here, torch for you, two torches over here, four for you, Glen Coco… If you’re new to this beautiful, cubey world of Minecraft, we have to be sure to light up all the dark places so monsters can’t spawn in them. I mean, I’m not afraid of monsters or anything, but I just—OH GOD WAS THAT A—nope. Nope, I’m okay. Juuuust kidding.

Constant vigilance is the key when playing Minecraft. Just like Mad-Eye Moody says in Harry Potter. Those were awesome books. Harry and Hermione should’ve gotten together. Go ahead, start a war in the comments. I’ll be looking for it.

So… yeah. I guess I’ll just pick a random spot in this wall and start mining my way through. Hopefully I’ll run into some diamonds before my pickaxe WHAT. WHERE DID THE GROUND GO?

Okay, everybody, we’ve just found a brand new lake of lava. I’m going to attempt to build a bridge across it because it looks like there’s some stable ground on the other side. I’m going to use cobblestone since I happen to have some, and I’m going to hold down the shift key as I lean out over the edge so I don’t fall into that pit of lava-y death. That would suck.

Doot, doot, doot. Simple, easy, just placing some cobblestone one after another and WHOA. STOP. ROGER. STOP IT, ROGER. THERE ISN’T ENOUGH ROOM FOR BOTH—


Land! Found land. Gotta put out the fire… Where’s my water bucket? What the hell, man! Uh… Uh…  Maybe I’ll try running around… Uhhh, I’ll try building a box of stone around myself? Uhhhh, nothing’s working and I’m still on fire, and-- You know what? Screw it. Screw all of this.

There. Yeah, I know, you guys think it’s totally lame when I switch to the “peaceful” difficulty when my health gets too low, but you know what? Shut up.

Okay. All healed up, switching back to hard. Did Roger burn up in the lava? Good. Oh, wait, no, there he is. Stupid dog. I should kill you right now.

All right. Guess I’ll wander around down here for a while. Not like I really know how to get back up.

OOOH! Ooooh, you guys! Look! It’s diamond! I finally found some! It took my dog pushing me into a pit of lava, but it was totally worth it! Ladies, if you’re looking for a new best friend, might I suggest you stop by my place tonight and let me set you up with a diamond? Yeah, just kidding, I’m using all of these to make a new pickaxe and armor.

Hey! Stupid spider, that hurt! Yeah, that’s right, you get that spider, Roger! It’s the least you could do after shoving me into the lava. Stupid mutt.

HEY. Don’t you hurt my dog, you stupid spider! Hey! Hey! Stop! No! Roger! Noooooo!

You killed my dog! You killed Roger! I’m gonna kill you, you stupid, oversized bug! You die now! Aaaaaaaaaagh!

And now I’m alone down here in this cave. Just me. And the monsters. And all of you watching this video. No offense, but this is depressing.

Might as well mine this diamond. Let’s see—one, two, three, four-five, six… Six diamond blocks! Not bad. Guess I should go find my crafting box before anything OH GOD CREEPER NO!




Well. I died. All my stuff is lying at the bottom of that mineshaft, somewhere in the vicinity of the lava lake. And I’m pretty sure I’ll never find it before it all de-spawns.

I think that’s all for today.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Toon Link Drawing Practice

Unless this is your first time visiting my blog, you probably know that I like to draw. I'm not great at it, but I'm always trying to improve. One day I'd love to write stories and provide fun little illustrations or side-cartoons for the readers either in the book itself or on a website dedicated to it.

So what do I need? Practice!

I had some free time today between classes, so I decided I'd try to just draw something with a pen, without going through the penciling process first. I don't honestly think that's a good way to practice drawing, but it's what I felt like doing, so I did. Because I can.

Link seems to be the subject of the week, so I thought I'd try drawing Toon Link, the star of multiple titles in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda franchise, the most famous of which is probably The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (which I've never actually played... unless a ten-minute demo at Target counts). 

Here's the picture I used as a reference:

So I looked at that image and tried very hard to draw what I saw, using different parts of the picture to measure and determine where each line had to go. It kind of reminds me of marching band, where we have to make pictures based off of where everyone else is standing.

Considering I didn't start with pencil, it didn't turn out too badly. I got a few new ideas on how to draw things and I also have some ideas on what not to do next time. Like, that sword's really messed up. But I have ideas on how to improve, and that's really the point, right?

Because I was pretty pleased with how it had turned out and I still had some time before band practice, I decided to color it in.

I experimented with some shading. Some of it you can see. Some of it you can't. Like, I actually used two different shades of yellow to do the hair. But you can't tell. I think the coloring process mostly just consisted of me smearing black ink around with my yellow and peach colored pencils and getting mad.

But there's Link, ready to go off on an adventure, defeat Ganondorf, find the Triforce, save Zelda-- all that stuff that heroes do!

And he kind of looks like he's pushing my grocery list away and telling me to do fun stuff instead.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pen Doodles

As an apology for my radio silence, here is my third post of the evening (yes, I am, in fact, procrastinating on the reading I have to do, but that's not the point).

I've sorta been doodling all over every bit of scrap paper I have for the past few days. I remarked to myself tonight, "You know, I can draw some pretty okay faces, but I have an awfully hard time drawing bodies."

So even though I was holding a pen that wouldn't allow me to correct any mistakes I made, I drew those two people. And I totally didn't end up drawing bodies like I thought I would. But I think the person on the right's hair looks kind of neat. I sorta started with a few lines just to see where they would take me, and the lines turned into a short haircut, and the short haircut turned into that person.


I enjoy doodling. I like to keep a comic strip desk calendar (last year's was Garfield, this year I have Zits) on my desk, and when I tear off a sheet each day, there's usually ample doodling space under the fact/game of the day.

The Legend of Zelda: Crimson Shutout

One of my roommates likes the Legend of Zelda franchise and she went home for the weekend, so I did a little art on our whiteboard to let her know how the football game went.

Because I'm just silly like that.

I mean absolutely zero offense to any Florida Atlantic fans who might be reading this, by the way. Thanks for coming out yesterday, and I'm sorry you had to sit through intense heat and then a sudden downpour. That was kinda awful.

Not a Trick of the Light

It's not a trick of the light-- my feet are literally a different color than my legs are.

This photo, ladies and gentlemen, was taken a few weeks ago during band camp. I was going to post it up here, but I moved on to something else while the photo was uploading and forgot about it completely. Since my sock tan is still this beautiful today, I thought I'd go ahead and post it for the world to see.

Band camp: Where no amount of sunscreen can help you.

I'm kind of proud of it, actually.

So the reason I haven't posted anything on the blog in a while is that I've been out developing this sock line and starting up a brand new semester. I'm a senior in college now! Hooray! So far, it's an odd mix of Senioritis and nostalgia. Those two things really don't go well together.

I've been feeling creatively lately, so I'm hoping I'll have some new things to share with those poor, unhappy readers who are still faithful enough to check this blog regularly. Thanks for your patience!