Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pen Doodles

As an apology for my radio silence, here is my third post of the evening (yes, I am, in fact, procrastinating on the reading I have to do, but that's not the point).

I've sorta been doodling all over every bit of scrap paper I have for the past few days. I remarked to myself tonight, "You know, I can draw some pretty okay faces, but I have an awfully hard time drawing bodies."

So even though I was holding a pen that wouldn't allow me to correct any mistakes I made, I drew those two people. And I totally didn't end up drawing bodies like I thought I would. But I think the person on the right's hair looks kind of neat. I sorta started with a few lines just to see where they would take me, and the lines turned into a short haircut, and the short haircut turned into that person.


I enjoy doodling. I like to keep a comic strip desk calendar (last year's was Garfield, this year I have Zits) on my desk, and when I tear off a sheet each day, there's usually ample doodling space under the fact/game of the day.

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