Sunday, February 16, 2014

Accidental Overachieving

You know what drives me nuts?

When I'm answering a question like- oh, "What differences did you notice between the script and the staged production? Are they positive or negative changes? How?" and I rattle off a few differences and the effects they have on the tone and the setting and the character development and fill up two nice, beefy paragraphs simply because I enjoy analyzing things like this...

...and then I glance back at the directions and see that my professor wanted me to answer all three of those questions in three to five sentences.


Well, I ain't gonna condense it. He should be grateful I showed so much interest and actually put in an effort. And let's be honest, I probably couldn't shorten two beefy paragraphs down to five sentences if I tried.

Just as an experiment, let's see if I can condense this blog post down to one sentence:

I accidentally wrote more than I had to.

Imagine if that was actually the blog post. It'd be awful.

Not that this post is much more than me complaining about a minor thing anyway.

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