Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Random Fact #22

Random Fact #22: Some Virginia high schools get a lot of automated voice message calls.

Source: One of the two high school secretaries who started talking over me today when I called them because they thought I was an automated voice message.

So apparently my professional voice sounds like an automated voice. How 'bout that?

I had to call a whole bunch of high schools today to do research at my internship. As a general rule, I am terrified of speaking to people on the phone. The mere thought of it makes my tongue dry up, which seriously impairs my speech while I'm actually talking on the phone, which in turn makes me even more nervous. I drank soooo much water today. Got well acquainted with the office bathroom.

You know that moment when your tongue and mouth just stop functioning normally in the middle of a sentence? I had one of those moments.

"...a story about innuffathef ethhaysh- sorry, ithhafakayshun..."

And the worst part? It was on voicemail. My butchered attempt to say "innovative education" was recorded on the voicemail for everyone to play over and over again. They'll probably play it over the morning announcements tomorrow, let everyone have a good laugh.

But when I get it right, I get it soooooooo right that people think I'm not even human. I had to start inserting a "How are you today?" into my little spiel so that people wouldn't keep treating me like a robot.

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