Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Haiku of the Day - March 6

Sleep or French homework?
I can do French tomorrow...
Done deal! Sleep it is.

*Note: Yes, I'm procrastinating, but not as badly as you think. My first class tomorrow was cancelled, so I'll just do my homework during that period. It's going to be glorious. I'm going to get up at my usual time and go eat breakfast. I'll have scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. Maybe even cinnamon rolls. Definitely orange juice. As long as the juice machine's working, that is. Then I'll scoot on down to the library and have a sort of study hall. I'll do French homework, write poetry, read... lots of stuff... And you know what's great? Since I'm going to bed now (or at least in the next little while), I'm going to get lots of good rest, and my brain will be at its best when I do this stuff. Yay sleeping!

Like, seriously, I'm way behind on reading. I've started everything I need to read, but I need to finish the works, preferably before it gets to be finals. Here's what I'm reading:
-My Antonia
-The Jungle Book
-The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
-Magic City

Maybe I should have titled this "Haiku of the Day PLUS disclaimer and all the stuff I'm behind on."

Maybe there'll be some art for you this weekend.

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