Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shine Bright Like A Flashcard

I made flashcards for my Intro to Theatre midterm. I started out by making a card for every vocabulary term in each chapter, but then I realized that our teacher had only given us sixty terms to study on the study guide, and I had made a lot of cards that I didn't need. I only got through the first few chapters, though, so it's okay.

Except I ran out of index cards with three terms to go.

I could have cut out 2x4 pieces of paper.

I could have studied the terms on a list instead of cards.

I could have even gone out to buy more index cards.

But no.

I chose to color over some of the flashcards I didn't need with a black Sharpie. And then I wrote the new terms on top of them with glittery gel pens.

Isn't that creative? I thought so. But between this and the blackout poetry I did a few weeks ago, my black Sharpie hates me.

And I had tons of time to waste coloring index cards black! It's not like this midterm is tomorrow or anything!

Oh, wait.

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