Monday, February 9, 2015

Update: Alan Furst's "Dark Star"

In my last post, I reported that I read Alan Furst's Dark Star at a rate of 20 pages per hour or one page every three minutes while I was out on the quad. At that rate, it would take me five hours to read the assigned 100 pages.

I timed myself reading a few pages indoors (where there are fewer distractions) and found that I can read page in an average of one minute and 46 seconds. At that rate, it would take me (unless my math is quite wrong) 2.94 hours to read 100 pages... if I stayed completely focused for the entire time, didn't have a snack or take a bathroom break or talk to anyone, and read as though I were racing a timer. None of those things is likely.

3 hours is better than five hours, though. It's a shame the quad has so many distractions.

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