Thursday, April 16, 2020

I Excel at Art

So, due to the world's current difficulties, I'm teleworking now! Work keeps me very busy, but I recently re-discovered something I made when I was decidedly not busy at work. Since I have my work laptop available here in my living room and I've clocked out for the day, it seems a good time to finally share it with you all.

I made a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel earlier this year, and because the occasion just called for it, I figured out how to fill cells with textures instead of solid color. This discovery thrilled me, and I probably wasted a bit too much time replacing all the "N/A"s on my spreadsheet with colorful diagonal lines.

Shortly thereafter, the Internet broke. I'm kind of dead in the water without the Internet, so I sat twiddling my thumbs while the IT Department (bless their poor, stressed hearts) tried to get it up and running again.

And then I thought of a way to entertain myself.


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