Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Pixel Me

I made some Excel art during this morning's tag-up teleconference!

It's me, but pixelated! Ish.

I was disappointed to find that I couldn't just make squares by making the row height and column width the same number. Apparently they don't use the same scale. So I kind of just eyeballed it and dragged the column width down until it looked pretty much like a square, and then I made all the other columns that width, too.

In case you're curious, it ended up being: Row Height = 14.4, Column Width = 2.


  1. Cute art.

    So I'd never really noticed the discrepancy in the column width and row height measurements in Excel. Apparently column width is measured in characters based on the font used. (No idea what happens if you use multiple fonts in a column.) So it will actually change the width if you change the font! With only a quick search, I didn't find any information on what row height is measured in.

    And articles say that you can define both these values in inches/mm if you use the Page Layout view, but I didn't try it.

    1. Thanks! And oof- that sounds more complicated than I'd prefer it to be, but Excel saves my bacon on the regular with its insane math and organizational power, so I'll just defer to the folks who apparently know what they're doing.