Thursday, February 11, 2021

Public Affairs Blonde


My sister is kicking butt at her military public affairs internship. And that's no easy feat! The class she's in right now is moving at a grueling pace and giving her an inhumane amount of homework each night. 

She's been facing challenges that have made me shudder even from hundreds of miles away, but she refuses to give up. I told her she reminded me of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde- stressed out and overwhelmed, but determined to succeed, dedicated enough to put in the required effort, smart enough to solve every problem, and somehow able to keep looking gorgeous while she does it.

I'm proud of you, seestur! Keep learning and working toward that graduation! You've got this!


  1. She is the epitome of Elle Woods! Keep killing it Mik!

  2. Were with you. Take care. You will do fine