Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day 2021

Dear Valentine,


Roses are red,

Creepers are green.

You are the sweetest thing

I've ever seen!

Chickens are white,

Cobblestone's gray.

If Pillagers attack you,

I'll make them pay.

Mooshrooms are funny,

A compass points true.

My world is better

Because of you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Usually I draw Valentine pictures by hand, but this year, I was inspired at the last minute to create something on Minecraft instead.

How about a lovely afternoon picnic, Valentine? You deserve to take some time for yourself, have a nice meal, and be comfortable for a while!

This scene is composed of:

- red concrete

- red and white carpet

- 2 lanterns

- various flowers

(And my friends who play on this server with me don't know I'm making this blog post, so if they stumble across this hilltop, they will be very confused.)

Of course, if afternoon's not your style, we could always have a twilight picnic instead...

(Just watch out for monsters.)

Thank you for checking out my blog! If you're reading this, I consider you my Valentine, and I hope your life is filled with love of all different kinds! The world wouldn't be the same without you, so thanks for being you!

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