Friday, January 31, 2014


I got out of classes for three days in a row because it snowed on Tuesday. It seemed kinda dumb to me, but then there were people trapped in their cars on the highways overnight, so... maybe better safe than sorry?

I'd love to say that I got so much homework and cleaning and writing done over those three days, but no... I did watch a lot of Justice League, though. More Justice League than I care to admit. Man, I love that show.

Maybe I need to give up Netflix for Lent.

But today we had classes again. Most of the snow is gone- just a few patches left in the shade. I saw a pretty funny hill (the same one down which people were sledding in laundry baskets) which had a perfectly straight line of snow running across it. It's right next to a parking garage, you see, and the parking garage leaves the bottom half of the hill in perpetual shade.

It's Friday and it feels like Monday. I don't really know how to deal.

I'm really, really not looking forward to the weekend. I'm kinda sick of having time off. At least this time the entire world won't be shut down.

That was the worst part about Snowmageddon '14. We don't know how to deal with snow in the South. I'm not sure we own a single snowplow. I saw sand on some of the campus roads, and I heard reports of gravel being put down on other roads, but we still had a bunch of roads closed and the aforementioned people trapped on the highway. I have a friend who couldn't get home and had to spend two days at a friend's apartment.

Since the roads were in such bad shape, everything was closed- even the campus buildings. I couldn't really go anywhere. I couldn't hang out with my friends, either, since most of them live off-campus and shouldn't have been on the roads. I had the worst combination of "Booooooo cabin fever! Aaaaaagh I'm gonna go insaaaaane!" and "I've got pretzel sticks, Nutella, and 72 HOURS TO WATCH NETFLIX!!!"

So my goal for next week is to start acting like a human being again.

Let's end with a song!

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