Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Procrasti-fate-ing: Spring Finals Shenanigans Part 3

Spring Finals Shenanigans Part 3

I didn't have a final today, so I spent the day in a casual manner. I went to meet some friends for an early lunch, and then I went to buy toilet paper. I thought perhaps I could find it at the little shop inside the dining hall nearest my dorm, but I wasn't entirely sure. I ended up going there anyway, in the hopes that I could spare myself a walk to Publix.

They don't sell toilet paper there.

Bummed out, I left and started heading towards Publix. However, before I could get very far, I ran into a friend from my Ireland trip last summer that I never get to see anymore because he graduated and he never hangs out on campus.

Had I gone straight to Publix, I never would have run into him. It was fate.


And you can't ignore fate. So instead of going back to my dorm to study for my Victorian lit final and do laundry and other important stuff, I jumped into my friend's car and we went to a German bakery to eat pastries and talk about life.

I hope fate wants me to pass my final tomorrow.

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