Thursday, September 19, 2013

ALL The Colored Pencils!!!

Earlier this semester I had a teeny little whine-fest about not having any colored pencils.As much as I love my Wacom tablet, I'm not ready to completely leave behind real pencil and paper. On top of that, I need to be able to color things quickly for my graphic novel class, and I can't always do that on my computer.

So I strolled on down to the student store and browsed their art supplies section. There is a ton of cool artsy stuff in that department. Paintbrushes, markers, easels, canvas, glue... the kind of stuff that makes me wish I were an art major sometimes. As fun as the art major supplies were to look at, I'm not exactly a professional and I don't need professional tools, so I just skipped over to the familiar-looking yellow boxes.

Crayola all the way, man.

I quickly located a nice box of 12 colored pencils, but just before I could pick it up off the shelf, I saw something that made me pause.

BIGGER boxes of colored pencils.

The internal debate began. Did I really need so many colored pencils?Wasn't I already spending too much money by buying pencils at the student store instead of Walmart? But what if I needed more colors for my comic book projects?

I settled for the box of 24 colored pencils and I have not regretted it. I'm moving up in the world, my friends.


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