Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photo Fun

I waited a few days for everyone else to update their iPhones before doing it myself. I thought maybe I would save myself some time that way. Sadly, this process is still taking forever, and one of the biggest reasons is that I had too many photos taking up all the space on my phone.

My first step in remedying this situation was to go through a delete a bunch of pictures off my phone- pictures I had only taken to text to a friend or to post on Facebook, pictures of which I had multiple shots, pictures of things I don't care about anymore...

Examples of pictures I deleted:
-pictures of the Eiffel Tower
-pictures of Sun Life Stadium
-pictures of Cowboys Stadium
-embarrassing pirate costume selfies
-pictures of hot chocolate and frozen yogurt
-selfies my sister took when she stole my phone
-"I got a flu shot!" stickers
-selfies of me with various clothing articles wrapped around my head

I went from 800-something photos to 600. Not bad. And now I won't feel as embarrassed if somebody breaks into my phone and goes through my pics.

While I was at it, I decided to move all my photos from Europe over to my laptop. Because there were a ton of them. So now I'm down to 336 photos, and in total, I've cleared up almost two gigs on my phone. Yay!

Flash forward in time:

I have now finished updating both my iTunes and my iPhone. Nothing exploded. And then I also finally redeemed a bunch of gift cards I found in my bedroom at home over the summer and I bought a bunch of songs. It's a great day for iTunes!

I wasn't feeling very creative today.

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