Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Fact #17

Random Fact #17: If you normally use amazon.comto buy things online but use to buy something one time, you will receive emails about deals and sales from Amazon in both English and French.

Source: Personal Experience

The story: Once upon a time, I was in France and I needed to buy a copy of James Joyce's Ulyssesbefore I left for Ireland. I went to and found that priority shipping the book to my host mother's home in France would 1) take forever 2) be reeeeeeally expensive.

So I thought to myself, "Self, you've been in this country for a while and you've really gotten the hang of this whole French thing. Why don't you try the French version of the website?" So I tried it. And I found that ordering my book from the French website would 1) get me the book a leeeetle bit faster 2) be WAY less expensive.

So I clicked the button to finalize the deal, and a few days later, my book arrived. All good.

But then I started getting emails from Amazon in French. I was used to getting them in English and usually just ignored them. But getting French emails really caught me off guard. I had used my normal login information and account on the French website, so I didn't think it would consider me a new user or anything, but for whatever reason, I now get emails from Amazon in both English and French.

The novelty wore off pretty fast and now I just ignore the French emails, too.

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