Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday, Batman!

Today Barnes and Noble celebrated 75 years of Batman by giving out free comic books and other goodies. They're also having a drawing to win free action figures and such.

When I heard about the Batman festivities, I jumped into my car and drove down to Barnes and Noble lickety-split. I like superheroes, in case you couldn't tell from many other posts on this blog.

I didn't want to just take the free stuff and run, so I used a gift card to grab a Flash trade as well. I was a little hesitant about spending money on anything from DC Comics' New 52 since I've heard almost nothing but awful things about it, but a quick bit of research showed that Flash doesn't seem to be doing too badly. The cover doesn't offend me; in fact, it looks pretty cool.

But what do I know? I typically only read Marvel comics.

At any rate, I've never read a Flash comic before, so I won't know if this one is destroying all the comics that came before it.

I'm excited, you guys. I've only read Superman and a small bit of Batman. It's a new DC character for me! I've always liked Flash on the TV shows I've seen, so I have high hopes for this book being worth the money. I just need to finish reading Watchmen first.

Ah, but Batman... 75 years and you're still awesome! Where would the modern superhero be without you?

Happy Birthday to the Dark Knight!