Thursday, July 24, 2014

Iron Skeeter

Okay, okay, okay, I'll stop laughing, I promise.

Nope, can't do it.

But you guys saw her face, right? The video looks okay?

Good. I don't want any of you to miss this.

She's got her headphones in again. I'm going in.


She really thought she had me that time. I'm dying, you guys. This is hilarious.

But you know which one was my favorite? The time she was actually fast enough to catch me, and she tried to smash me between her hands, but then she opened her hands back up... and I flew away!


Okay, she sat back down. Gonna give it a minute or two, let her think I've gone away.

Recalibrating, checking systems... A minor bit of damage, but nothing I'm worried about.

What do you guys think? Subtle this time? Yeah, subtle this time.

I'm just gonna sneak up behind her... hover right next to her ear... Activate buzz, volume at 85%.

She can hear it through her headphones!

Whoops, too slow!

Aww, come on. You getting tired or something?

Sheesh! Temper, temper! It was just one little bite. Or maybe two. Or twelve, but who's counting?

You guys are seeing this, right? It's hilarious.

Oh, yes. Please try the flyswatter again.




That hurt. She whacked me a good one, you guys.

But you know what?

I'm wearing a suit made of a gold-titanium alloy, that's what! Ha!

You guys are getting this on the video feed, right? Look at her face! Look at it! She's all, "HOW are you still ALIVE?"

Aaaah, you guys. This was the best idea ever. I'm gonna dive in front of her laptop screen next.

I ammmmm Iron Skeeter! Na na na na na na na Iron Skeeterrrr!

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