Sunday, June 9, 2013

Le Frisbee! Le Frisbee!

The title is, of course, a reference to this blog post and cartoon. Hmmm... Traditional ink and colored pencils versus drawing tablet software. What do you think? Improvement... or not?


Last Wednesday some friends and I played a bit of Frisbee in the courtyard at school and then at the park I discovered and wrote about in this blog post. It was lovely. We weren't technically supposed to be on the patch of grass on which we were playing, but it was okay. The gardener just asked politely for us to move.

I really, really love playing Frisbee. In case you couldn't tell from the many other times I've mentioned it on my blog.

Just a few other notes on the blog: I think I may have finally found a coloring tool that I like- watercolor! It works a lot better than the pencil tool for the kind of things I try to draw. I used the roller paint brush for the background (which was going to be more detailed, but I've already spent at least six hours on this one cartoon and enough is enough). I'm also getting closer and closer to getting skin tones right. Yay! Despite my improvement, if I ever go to work for a comic book, it'll be for the writing and not for the drawing, but drawing is still fun!

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