Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Things

Today was a long day, so as a form of blog therapy, I'm going to share two things with you.

Thing number one:

Look at this poor bird! He's trying to stay out of the rain!

Poor thing. I didn't want to go out in the rain today, either. It rained pretty hard the entire way to school. Good thing I have an umbrella.

Thing number two:

I started taking notes in my art history class, but then I just doodled a bunch of X-Men in my notebook instead.

Don't look at me (or my blog) like that. Art vocabulary is hard to understand and I have the hardest time staying awake in that class because the professor shuts all the shutters and curtains and makes it as dark as possible, and then he lectures the entire time (he's got a SMART Board, but he just uses it as a screen for his slide projector. is that funny or what?).

 He's a super cool guy (everyone loves him! he's funny and he's got these glasses that don't touch his ears; they just perch on his nose like olden-time glasses!) but I just can't seem to stay awake during his classes. While you're sitting there judging me, take into account that there are no tests or quizzes or homework or anything in this class. Basically I just have to show up. So why would I need to take notes anyway?

But anyway. My lecture doodles are usually pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share. See if you can guess which doodle is which character, then check your work on the annotated close-ups.

So do you guys think I'm ready to go work for Marvel now?

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