Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting very sleeeeeepyyyy... Part 2

Here are some more notes from when I fell asleep in my literature class:

I like how that line starts out okay but then just gets progressively worse as I slip out of consciousness.

I looked at those notes a few hours later and found it necessary to transcribe them while I still remembered what they were supposed to say. Good thing I did, because... I'm pretty sure nobody could read that, not even me.

Please understand that I don't regularly fall asleep in class. I find it very disrespectful to the professors and an extremely bad idea for anyone who wants to actually learn. I've had semesters where I was bad about nodding off in the middle of lectures (it happens when you stay up late all the time), but I'm a new person this spring! I've been doing really well at staying awake. It's just... modernist poetry, you know? It's like my brain gives up completely on trying to understand it.

Brain: ...nope, I'm done. G'night.

Although you may notice in the picture that the notes I took today (directly under the sleepy mess) were very neat and informative, which happens when someone is awake, alert, and attentive during class. I'm going to try to make all my notes look like this from now on. I shall redeem myself and regain my honor!

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