Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I Woke Up To This Morning

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  1. I can't do a thing with my hair-do.
    I've tried but it's simply no use.
    I can't make it stay where I put it today
    with styling gel, hair spray or mousse.

    No bobby pin, brush or bandana,
    can get my hair under control.
    I've tried every comb, every clip in my home,
    but still I resemble a troll.

    I've tried using forks in frustration.
    I've tried using pokers and picks.
    I've tried using straps; I've tried headbands and caps.
    I've even tried shoestrings and sticks.

    Regardless of how I attack it,
    with rolling pins, wrenches or rakes,
    it's simply no use, I'm the Gorgon Medusa;
    my hair is a bundle of snakes.

    --Kenn Nesbitt