Thursday, February 28, 2013

Haiku of the Day - Feb. 28

It's actually a sonnet today.


Sonnet Number Ten

I see you standing over by the trees.
You marvel at the stubbornness of life.
You travel anywhere that you may please
And hope to leave behind your pain and strife.
Your eyes shine bright with questions you must voice.
Your overcoat hides pinstripe ev’rything.
You suffer from your most important choice,
But still you love to hear the planets sing.
I want with all my heart to tag along
And see all of creation through your eyes.
We two would put an end to all that’s wrong,
And maybe I could stop your lonely sighs.
A life can be mundane when ruled by clocks…
Please let me come along in your blue box.

Sonnets are hard to write. For a few minutes after I got done writing this, all my thoughts were coming out in iambic pentameter. It was very strange.

Also, pardon my nerdiness. 

My challenge to you: Find a way to fit "sonic screwdriver" into a Shakespearean sonnet. I tried so hard and just could not do it. Post it in the comments if you succeed and I will hail you as victorious.


  1. I'm more of a limerick fan myself.

  2. The once was a girl named Mast
    Who thought that UA was a Blast
    She yelled roll Tide
    With heart felt Pride
    And was sad that 4 years went so fast