Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pink Toes, White Sauce, Green Apples

In case you ever wondered what my feet look like, there they are. The toenails aren't usually pink. Today my aunt decided that she wanted to go get a pedicure, and she invited me along. It was kinda nice. The little foot bath was nice and warm, although the lady doing my nails seemed like she was in a bit of a hurry. But now I have pink toenails, and they're kinda fun. My fingernails, on the other hand, are naked, but you know what? That's okay.

If you look carefully, you can see the great sock tan I've got going on. That's only going to get worse-- especially when band camp starts.

Tonight I went to eat dinner with a friend from school. She actually lives in Virginia. Her church was sponsoring some young people who came to help out with one of their camps this summer, and it was my friend's family's turn to feed them dinner. So my friend invited one of her high school friends and me to go with them to a Mexican restaurant, and that was pretty awesome, especially since I had nothing else to do on my Saturday night.

At the restaurant, I ordered a Burrito Grande, thinking it sounded delicious, although I didn't realize exactly how grande it was until it was too late. That thing was as long as my forearm, I swear. It tasted great, but there was no way I could finish it. I brought a little under half of it home in a box.

There was some kind of white sauce that the waitress served up alongside the salsa. Nobody could really tell what it was. We knew it wasn't cheese. I elected to just eat my chips plain, which is how I prefer my chips most of the time.

After dinner, our big group all went back to my friend's house, where we played Apples to Apples and halfway watched various cooking competition shows in the background. I kicked butt at Apples to Apples, man. I think I had around seven green apple cards.

You know how sometimes people joke around that the green cards you win describe your personality? Some of mine fit pretty well, like "mischievous" and "eccentric." I didn't agree so much with "smelly" or "masculine."

But it was quite a fun night. It's really hilarious how many friends I'm digging up so far from home. So far, I've gotten together with a friend I go to college with, a friend I went to middle school with, and a friend I met in kindergarten. How crazy is that?

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